Alerting (Price Alerts)

If you have an account on and are logged in, you can set price thresholds for products that match a Saved Search. If the price threshold is reached, you will immediately be emailed an alert. If you have a mobile phone number activated in your account, you will also receive a text message to alert you.

How Alerts Work

We check literally every few minutes to see if your price thresholds have been met. For example, if you set an alert for $400 or less for a Glock 22, and one comes available for $390, we'll immediately send you an alert with a link to your saved search. Also, we'll automatically deactivate your alert for you (otherwise, you'll be alerted again in about 3 minutes, and again about 3 minutes after that, forever, until the product is no longer available or you log in and manually turn it off).

Setting Alerts

To set an alert immediately after saving a search, you can 1 25 X 25 set an alert threshold (cost per unit), and 2 25 X 25 activate the alert. Setalertaftersavingsearch

At any other time, you can click on the user menu and select Manage Alerts Managealertsoption

First, you must create a price threshold. Let's use the following example: Setalert

It shows that the lowest price at the moment is 17.1¢ per round.

1 25 X 25 Enter 0.15 into the Alert Threshold box in order to be alerted if this same search yields a product that's 15¢ per round or less. If the item currently does not show up in your search, it would say the Current Low is [none]. So if you'd like to be alerted when the item appears (at any price), then enter a value of any. 2 25 X 25 Then, in order to save this threshold and make the alert 'active' you must move the Active slider to Slideron

Deactivating Alerts

Click on the user menu and select Manage Alerts Managealertsoption

Then, move the slider to Slideroff for the alert you wish to deactivate.