Saved Searches

Once you have crafted your search the way you want it, and the search results are showing you what you expect, you can save your search for quick retrieval later.

First, make sure you are logged into You should see your name in the user button at the top of the site next to the AmmoSeek logo.

Simply click the Save This Search & Set Alert button Savesearchsetalert

Your search will be saved, and then you have a choice to set an alert or Close the confirmation dialog to go back to the search results screen. Now, in the left-hand column you'll see a list of your saved searches, organized by product type (ammo, magazines, guns, etc). At any time all you have to do is click the link corresponding to the search in order to run the search again.

Modifying Saved Searches

Currently you cannot modify a saved search. What you can do, however, is just as easy:

  1. Click on the one you wish to modify to execute the search.
  2. Modify your search parameters on the search results screen.
  3. Click the orange "Save Search" button to save the new search
  4. Delete the old search, if desired.

Deleting Saved Searches

To view/modify your list of Saved Searches, click the User button at the top of the page (or under the Hamburgermenusmall hamburger menu on mobile devices)., and select Saved Searches from the pulldown.


Click the small trash can Trashcan next to a Saved Search to delete it. Once deleted, a saved search cannot be retrieved.