Reading the Search Results

The search results pages contains a lot of information you might find useful. Most fields (Retailer Name, Description, Manufacturer, Caliber, etc.) are self explanatory. Below is some additional information about other fields:

  • Share - clicking the Share icon lets you easily share the product via social channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  • When - this column tell you how long it's been since our database has been updated for this product.
  • Limits - this column alerts you if the retailer has any set purchase limits for the product (e.g. max Limit 1 box per customer)
  • New? - this column lets you know if the product is in factory new condition (New), remanufactured (Remanufactured), or factory seconds (Factoryseconds)
  • S/H - this column gives you our metered rating for the average shipping costs for retailer in question. See details on our Shipping Estimation here.
  • Err? - If you notice a discrepancy in our data, click the green flag (Greenflag) to let us know what's wrong. If there's already a Discrepancy symbol, it means someone else has already submitted a discrepancy report for that item.

NOTE: on mobile and smaller devices, the results page will have only a few basic fields, with an extra Details button you can click to see everything: Mobileresultsdetailsbutton