Using Keywords in Searches

To help refine your search, you can include or exclude keywords. Keywords can be any sequence of text or digits. Any keywords specified will search the following fields: product title, the product URL, the manufacturer name, and the retailer's name. Example of each of these are:

  • product title - TulAmmo 9mm Full Metal Jacket Polymer Coated Steel Case, 115 Grain, 1150 fps, 50 Round Box, TA919150
  • product URL -
  • manufacturer name - Tula
  • retailer's name - Lax Ammo

Important Considerations

  • Keyword searches are case insensitive, so a search for jhp is the same as a search for JHP.
  • Keywords should be separated by spaces. Do not use commas.
  • All characters in keywords are treated literally. No wildcards or regular expressions at this time (but perhaps in the future!)
  • Multi-word phrases are not supported at this time, so quotes are not useful.
  • You are allowed up to 10 keywords to include, and 10 keywords to exclude.

Keyword Search Examples

  • To search specifically for XM855 ammo, put XM855 in the Include Keywords box.
  • To search only items from, put in the Include Keywords box.
  • To find lead-free ammo, try putting lead-free in the Include Keywords box.
  • To permanently exclude products from particular retailers, do not use the Exclude Keywords box. Instead, use the Exclude Retailers feature.